Melbourne Cup Calcutta

Melbourne Cup Calcutta

Sunday Evening Nov 1 from 5pm

Tickets on sale now; Our Annual Melbourne Cup Calcutta is where you can really back a big winner. 

2017, 2018 & 2019 the First Placed Winner received over $16,500

For further information call the Club on 95796277 or email or

Or Book now for Baxter's on Cup Day

Please note that due to COVID 19 and the safety requirements there will be limited numbers in designated areas throughout the club. When purchasing tickets you may book a table as no spectators will be permitted inside the designated areas once the number requirements fill up.

Maso’s Calcutta Rules & Conditions of Entry

> On November 1st a draw will take place from 6pm at St George Masonic Club on the outcome of the Melbourne Cup.

> All tickets entitle the purchaser to participate in the draw for a runner in the race drawn at random.

> Tickets will be drawn in public and matched with a runner in the race at random.

> At the conclusion of the draw for the runners in the Melbourne Cup an auction will take place where people will have the right to bid for runners that have already been drawn.

> Should a ticket holder not be present at the auction, then that person's runner will be auctioned and the ticket holder shall receive 50% of the auction.

> Successful purchasers of runners must pay for their runners immediately after the completion of the auction. No credit will be given.

> 50% of the auctioned price will go to the person that drew the runner and 50% will be added to the prize pool. (A person who drew a runner and also made the highest bid for that runner is only required to pay 50% of the bid amount).

> A refund of 50% of the auction price will be given on scratchings after the auction; and the prize pool will be adjusted accordingly.

> Winners will be decided by official placings as declared by the TAB Ltd and will be shared in the event of a dead heat.

> The prize pool is the amount of money invested (sale of tickets plus 50% of the auctioned amount of each runner).

> Winners will be notified by the St George Masonic Club on or before (5pm November 3) and how to collect their prize.

> The results will be advertised in the public notices of the website of St George Masonic Club on November 4th.

> Where a money prize exceeds $2,000, the organiser must pay to the prize winner the amount as exceeds $2,000 by means of a crossed cheque payable to the prize winner, or if the prize winner so requests, by means of electronic transfer of funds to an account nominated by the prize winner.