7.30pm Monday Nights & 11.00am Friday 

When you match you win more. In our super eyes down you have the chance of winning $30 Gift Cards.

The cost to play Bingo is $6 per book which includes

20 Major Prizes in all - 20 x $30 Wish Cards (Plus Split Prizes)

PLUS - entry into the BSG Rewards Bingo game - Win up to $50,000 as advertised on the Day (TP/00181)

Pet Machines are available for anyone wishing to play additional games (up to 8 books on a pet). 

Everyone is welcome including kids who can participate and take home prizes as well. Our Bingo's are designed for people to come along and have some fun, meet new people, and enjoy the Clubs many great facilities - We have temperature checks at the door and social distanced seating to provide you the safest experience in our control.